Kevin James


And finally...a selection of performing projects that don't particularly fall into any of the other categories.

Kevin has appeared in cabaret as part of Iris Theatre's Xmas Factor - a festive songwriting competition, and in The Mile High Revue at Madame JoJo's in London.

Other credits include playing Mozart in Death And Mozart, a choral concert featuring the composer's last year in words and music; All Together Now, a performance art choir; street theatre in Dr Johnson's Valentine's Ramble; and in a stills photography campaign for Focus On Imaging.

Photo credit: Iris Theatre (Xmas Factor)


Death And Mozart
Choral Concert
Medici Choir
Director: Tessa Sheridan

Mimecast UK
Training Web Series - Season 2
Charley/The Malt Shop
Director: Jann Yogman/Bryn Woznicki

Mimecast UK
Training Web Series - Season 1
Charley/Emergence Media
Director: Jann Yogman/Bryn Woznicki

Cinderella Live
Going Live TV/Killion Films
Director: Daniel Coll

Xmas Factor 2018
Festive Songwriting Competition
Iris Theatre
Director: Daniel Winder

Dr Johnson's Valentine's Ramble
Street Theatre
Unreal City Audio
Director: Duncan Brown

The Mile High Revue
Musical Revue
Madame JoJo's, London
Director: Jamie Alan Osborn

All Together Now
Performance Art Choir
20 Hoxton Square Projects
Director: Ian Giles

Focus On Imaging
Still Photography
Mary Walker Exhibitions
Photographer: Melanie Winning

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